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Confessions of a Clickaholic

When you are crafting and in business, your time is valuable—you’re literally building your career with your own two hands! However, when you’re an online seller, distractions are everywhere. Hello, my name is Lisa and I’m a Clickaholic. In other … Continue reading

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Competitively Speaking, Think Abundance

There are currently over 269,000 open shops on Etsy and, I’m proud to say, one of those belongs to me. I’m Lisa Jacobs of the Energy Shop—a spirited little spot where I sell mostly bracelets. Jewelry is a crowded market … Continue reading

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October Etsy Success: How to Make a Promotional Postcard

I’m taking a break from writing local addresses to tell my latest idea for Etsy success: Promotional Postcards . . . to all of my neighbors! I ordered Avery Postcards recently at Amazon.com. I did my research, and from the … Continue reading

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450 Sales in the First Three Months on Etsy

I have a new shop on Etsy, and I love learning the business side of retail as much as I love making the products! ♥ I posted this thread on Etsy twice, but it’s been closed both times. Etsy Admin … Continue reading

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I Want To Be an Etsy Success ♥

Boy, do I love Etsy. I can hardly believe that I had never heard of the website until January 2010, when I started blogging. It seemed every blogger I LOVED had an Etsy shop, and I immediately started to search … Continue reading

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