Results of the Postcard Plan

The Results are in (mostly): October Etsy Success: How to Make a Promotional Postcard

I had planned on creating 100, but I ran out of ink in 35, so I sent those out to test the waters. All of my postcards went extremely local (within my town).

The resulting sales: 0.

If I’m honest, these results baffle me. Had I gotten a similar postcard promoting a local business, I would have really taken my time to check it out, and I would have bought something if I was at all interested. A more honest revelation: I think I chose the wrong town to ask for support.

My family recently held a Halloween party for neighbors and the children’s classmates. We just moved into this town last year and we thought it would be a fantastic way to get to know the neighborhood and warm up to our surroundings. At our last house, these parties would fill our home with adults stuffed along the walls while the children ran inside and out, playing games and dancing for two hours.

In this town, we sent out twenty-eight invitations. The resulting families: 4. I wish the Halloween Party had come before the postcards were mailed. It was telling: This town likes to keep to themselves. Period.

However, I have not given up on this idea. I’m exploring the idea of advertising in a (slightly less) local Money Mailer.  I’ve chosen an area that’s a bit north from here, and more metro. I don’t yet know what it will cost, but I’ll share the details once I find out.

Finally, and on this Halloween day, I am tweaking my holiday strategy to optimize sales. I’m excited . . . and a little impatient. I have signed on for two small Santa workshops in my town and one slightly south of me, both run by school PTO boards. They both fall on the same first weekend of December. I don’t anticipate huge sales, but I do look forward to learning how to set up and sell at a show, as this is my first experience in that environment.

In the meantime, I am stocking my virtual shelves. I have created greeting card/stocking stuffers, listed personalized bracelets, a wholesale listing (of 6), and gift certificates in my new “Holiday Gift Giving” section in the shop. I’m trying to increase stock and bulk up some of the rather empty sections as well. I feel busy as I wait for the sales, and I can’t help but wish that my weekly totals would better reflect all the work I’m doing ♥

My November strategy is to bum-rush the holiday season with enticing sales. I don’t want to give away the details, as they are a surprise to my customers, but I will share the results. Wishing you lots of sales and success, Lisa


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