October Etsy Success: How to Make a Promotional Postcard

I’m taking a break from writing local addresses to tell my latest idea for Etsy success: Promotional Postcards . . . to all of my neighbors! I ordered Avery Postcards recently at Amazon.com. I did my research, and from the reviews I read, it is important to buy the paper made for your InkJet or Laser Printer. If you don’t know which you have, look up the model number on Amazon and the listing should clarify.

For InkJet printers, this was the best price I found:

Avery Postcards for Inkjet Printers, 5.5 x 4.25 Inches, White, Box of 400 (8577)

And for Laser Jets, this is the best price I found:

Avery Avery Postcards For Laser or InkJet Printer, 5.5 x 4.25 Inches, White, 200 Per Box (05689)

I got my InkJet Postcards in today’s mail and I started playing with designs right away. If you already have a professional logo for your Etsy store, this part should be easy. Copy your logo on your postcard and then name your sale.

I have a rule that if I’m going to email or mail anything at all to former or potential customers, I better come with something worth their while. I’m about to launch a grand re-opening, so I’m not only advertising the future 20% off all listing prices, but I’m offering my neighbors an extra $10 rebate off their purchase of $40 or more. (I consider you my neighbors, so when I launch the sale on October 1, please feel free to use the code you find on this postcard, if you’re interested.)

Postcards: Check. I don’t have a logo, so I needed to create a design. I love to gather free fonts for Windows off the internet. I know that Office offers plenty of fonts to choose from, but frankly, we’ve all seen them before. For this project, I wanted something new and unusual. I searched for “free fonts” on the internet, but please be careful of the rules against commercial use when choosing your fonts. The site you use will offer instructions on how to upload the new font onto whatever operating system you’re using at home.

New Font: Check. I opened Power Point in Windows Office, but Word will work just as well. Configure your margins and orientation to match the postcard blanks you’re using, and have fun! Let your creativity shine, and remember, this is a potential new customer’s first impression. Represent yourself and your product with excitement and style ♥

You’ll design four to a page. The front will look something like this:

Front Page

I used a new font and some simple star shapes and added the blue background. Plain white looked too . . . plain. The front side of the postcard template says the name of my shop, my tagline, and my website. Next it says, “Exclusive Offer for my friendly neighbors: $10 Rebate Off Any Order of $40 or More.*”

If you’re already an Etsy seller, I know I don’t have to tell you that Etsy doesn’t take promotional codes or coupons (**Fingers crossed that this will come soon). Sites like Artfire and Zibbet do, but they don’t yet have the buyer traffic we see at Etsy. In the meantime, you’ll need to be careful about how you explain this to new customers. If you say you have a coupon code, it confuses the heck out of non-etsy buyers at checkout because they don’t realize the promotion comes after they’ve completed their purchase.

Hence, the term “rebate.” Any savvy shopper knows what that means 😉

The back will look something like this:

Post Card Back

On the back, I introduced myself, explained the sale, and repeated my website. I used a new font to write a cutesy “Post Card,”  “To:,” and “the lovely resident at.” I then added blank lines for addressing the post cards.

Thankfully, I ran my postcard plan by my husband earlier in the week. He explained that my original plan, which was to walk around my neighborhood and stick these into mailboxes, was a federal offense. I needed to stamp and mail them! 🙂 $.28 it is!

Good luck ♥


About Lisa Jacobs

Owner of the Energy Shop (energyshopjewelry.com) and author of Marketing Creativity (marketyourcreativity.com
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