I Want To Be an Etsy Success ♥

Boy, do I love Etsy. I can hardly believe that I had never heard of the website until January 2010, when I started blogging. It seemed every blogger I LOVED had an Etsy shop, and I immediately started to search for my place in the Etsy/Blogger world ♥

Now I’m on Etsy: the Energy Shop has become one of my proudest creations. I create jewelry designed to remind people of their best intentions, increase their spiritual awareness, and enhance their positive outlook on Life. I absolutely love what I do, and I love the sales and marketing behind-the-scenes process JUST AS MUCH.

I’m constantly reinventing my strategy. I love talking shop, and I created this blog with that in mind ♥ I’m going to post my thoughts, wins, and losses here and hopefully get a few successful shop owners to share their insight as well. I look forward to befriending you on WordPress, Etsians. Shop Success . . . Here We Come!


About Lisa Jacobs

Owner of the Energy Shop (energyshopjewelry.com) and author of Marketing Creativity (marketyourcreativity.com
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